Efficient Deep Cone Thickener
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Efficient Deep Cone Thickener

Efficient Deep Cone Thickener

A independently developed deep cone thickener, the underflow concentration up to 70%.Production capacity: 60~880 cube meter.Product Improvement:Large angle cone, high underflow concentration.

Product Features:
  • Small area taken, large capacity;
  • Slender body, flocculants are added in the Process of concentrate; accelerate the particle settlement and dewatering Process;
  • Reasonable structure, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low operation and maintenance cost.
Product Application:

Deep cone thickener also called paste thickener is higher than other thickeners which consists of deep cone, feeding device, stirring device, control box, reagents adding device, automatic control system, etc.

Efficient deep cone thickener is mainly applied in thickening of minerals or other fine materials.

Technical Data