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Installation And Commission

Installation And Commission

installation and commission is key link of realizing dressing test, mine design, and equipment manufacture, and directly takes influence on production.

I The Importance of Installation and Commission

Installation and commission is key link of realizing dressing test mine design and equipment manufacture and directly takes influence on production.

Installation and commission of dressing plant equipment is a very careful work with strong practicality. Any error may lead to low recovery which cannot reach the expectation. For example in different construction the same type of equipment would have deviation because of the opening loion installation water and reagent usage etc. These differences will have a significant impact on the final recovery rate.

In view of the importance of installation and commission Xinhai established professional installation company having four installation teams which are from the mine production line and led by engineering technicians who held the directors of dressing plant and mine leader. Installation personals Xinhai sent out participate in the whole mine design of clients and there are two points for this one is the old technicians are very familiar with structure performance and using of Xinhai equipment the other is the technician who can quickly solve many actual problems in plant construction understand the overall design of factory because of participating in the whole mine design.

II 2 Methods of Installation and Commission

For installation and commission Xinhai upholds customer fist. There are 3 methods of installation and commission according to the actual situation of customers.

1Contract for materials

Xinhai arranges the installation and commission technicians and clients prepare the components and instruments of installation of commission.

2Contract for labor and materials

Xinhai is responsible for tools materials and personnel alloion of the installation and commission. Customers can directly wait for the final results.